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Housing Programs

Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), Homebuyer and Rehabilitation Program (HHR) , and Housing Cost Reduction Initiative (HCRI)

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Services Offered

Indianhead Community Action Agency's Housing Programs offers down payment and closing cost assistance to purchase homes as well as funding for rehabilitation of owner occupied homes. The CHDO program purchases and rehabs homes that are in need of repairs and updates to sell to low and moderate income families, providing them with decent, safe, and affordable housing.


Any household at or below 80% of county median income based on their total household size, as defined by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) qualifies for services.

Educational Opportunities

The HCRI down payment program requires clients to complete a first ime homebuyer class, which includes information on budgeting, insurance, and maintenance.

Volunteer Opportunities

CHDO allows for volunteer time and donated materials in the rehabilitation of homes.


6 homes rehabilitated
5 down payment assistance projects completed
2 CHDO projects are currently in progress

Staff Employed



Wisconsin Department of Administration

Community Partners

Local realtors, lenders, insurance agents, and other local rehab and down payment assistance programs.

Success Story

The CHDO program has taken two ohomes that were eyesores and in desperate need of rehabilitation and is turning them into beautiful and functional homes that will serve as an important stepping stone for low to moderate income families in the area for many years to come.


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