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Indianhead Home Care Services

Services Offered

ICAA's Home Health Agency provides Skilled Nursing and Home Health Aide Services as ordered by a doctor/physician. Services include: IV therapy, wound care, medication management, education, foot care, bathing, housekeeping tasks, injections, running errands, and assisting with meal preparation.

Educational Opportunities

  • Medication teaching
  • Wound care teaching
  • IV therapy (Antibiotic therapy) education


Anyone can qualify for private pay if they have a medical or physical need.

Volunteer Opportunities

Visiting people in their homes who may need companionship, running errands or grocery shopping for clients are all opportunities available through the program.


559 clients served in 2015 with 105,000 total client visits

Staff Employed



Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Administration, Private Pay, and Private Insurance

Community Partners

Minneapolis Veterans Administration

Success Stories and Testimony

Our program was able to assist a dad whose 6-year-old son come home after a motor vehicle left him with a tramatic brain injury, wheelchair bound, and blind. We assisted the dad in hiring family members to take care of the child so he wouldn't have strangers in his home as well as completing paperwork for funding to take care of the little boy.

"Just wanted to send a note to say how pleased I was with [my nurses] care! She was wonderful for both my physical AND mental health. She was so good to call and check on me and available whenever I needed her. I hopefully will have a second surgery for colon re-connect in the next month or two & will contact you if I should need more home care. Thanks!!"

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