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RCYC Logo ImageThe mission of the Rusk County Youth Council is to combine the resources of the county for the purpose of preventing and solving the significant alcohol, drug and violence problems of our children and youth. We integrate resources through communication and collaborative planning towards prevention of at-risk behavior, encouragement of health and wellness,

rcyc council image positive youth development, and resiliency for youth ages 0-21 years and their families.


  1. Raise awareness around the problem of underage drinking in Rusk County;
  2. Increase enforcement of rules and laws regarding underage drinking;
  3. Decrease access youth have to alcohol; and
  4. Change the culture in Rusk County that is permissive of underage drinking.

Implementation of the strategic plan began in 2009 and preliminary data already suggest a downward trend in several core substance abuse measures.

Alcohol Use Baseline Data 2009 Grade 10 Most Recent Data 2010 Grade 9
Age of Onset 13 14
Perception of risk/harm of use 30% 46.7%
Perception of parental disapproval of use 54% 62%

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