ICAA’s Board of Directors contains representatives from Burnett, Clark, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, and Washburn counties. They bring a wide array of expertise and experience to the table. Their role is to define and meet their overall responsibility by governing the agency in a manner which is consistent with its mission and responsive to client needs. ICAA’s Board is comprised of members of the low-income, public, private, and elected sectors.

Burnett County Representatives

Emmett Byrne – Burnett County Board Representative
Dorothy Richard – Burnett Community Representative
Phil Lindeman – Burnett County Low-income Representative

Clark County Representatives

Joe Waichulis, Jr. – Clark County Board Representative
Peter Kaz – Clark County Community Representative
Katie Cook – Clark County Low-income Representative

Rusk County Representatives

Dave Willingham – Rusk County Board Representative/ICAA Board Chairperson
Bill Stewart – Rusk County Community Representative/Legal Expert
Christine Newkirk – Rusk County Low-income Representative

Sawyer County Representatives

Dale Schleeter – Sawyer County Board Representative
Sawyer County Community Representative – Open Seat
Sawyer County Low Income Representative – Open Seat

Taylor County Representatives

Taylor County Board Representative
Patti Smith – Taylor County Community Representative
Steve Fleming – Taylor County Low-income Representative

Washburn County Representatives

Kasey King – Washburn County Board Representative
Lynne Bishop – Washburn County Community Representative/Fiscal Expert
Sherrie Wiegand – Washburn County Low-income Representative

Supporting Representatives

Rachael Loucks – Early Childhood Expert
Bill Stewart – Legal Expert/Rusk County Community Rep
Lynne Bishop – Fiscal Expert/Washburn County Community Rep

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