WI Prevail, ICAA’s Youth Development and Prevention Services program, uses a global approach which helps support youth in Rusk and Sawyer counties and positively impact their environment. To that end, we provide support and advocate for parents, families, businesses, employers, schools, and the community to become stronger and healthier.

Partnering with communities, families, and youth, our youth development and prevention program has three main focus areas:

  • Substance Use (tobacco, alcohol, drugs)
  • Mental Health Awareness (stigma reduction, coping skills, trainings)
  • Youth Development (empowering and training youth in leadership and advocacy skills)

Visit us on Social Media or give Rachel a call at 715-415-7462 to learn more!

Click here to listen to “WI Prevail Youth Radio” on Spotify! We are here, and we care. We want to inspire by the topics we choose and the music we share. Join us if you want to feel more connected to the world we live in. We will make weekly playlists with a theme and commentary. We might even have a guest speaker from time to time, and definitely a lot of zaniness!